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TTK Now Offers Three Application-Specific Oil Sense Cables


Why Three Different Oil Sense Cables?

After the successful launch of the first re-usable oil sense cable FG-OD (the only of its kind) in 2013, TTK now offers two additional sense cables to provide a full range of solutions able to cover different leak detection requirements.

The installation environments as well as the products to be detected are different, requiring specific leak detection systems to respond to particular requirements. For example, the needs in terms of leak detection for a diesel generator room are different from a heavy crude oil tank farm, or from a jet fuel hydrant system. TTK is keen to offer the best solution for any specific requirement.


Characteristics of Three Oil Sense Cables

The 3 oil sense cables developed by TTK have the same cable structure (embedded micro controller, sensor element and protective PE braid) with the same detecting principle, but are configured with different sensitivities during the manufacturing process. 

The low sensitivity cable (FG-ODR) is specifically designed to be used where hydrocarbon vapors are present in confined environments, or where some liquid pollution traces can come into contact with the sense cable. In such cases, FG-ODR sense cable is able to ignore the presence of vapors or small pollution, avoiding false alarms. Because this type of cable is less sensitive, the detection time is longer.

On the contrary, the high sensitivity cable (FG-ODC), is designed to detect heavy oils as well as vapors, and to provide a very fast response to light / medium distillates. To ensure its performance, a clean environment is very important.

The intermediate cable in this range (FG-OD), is suitable for a wide range of applications and oils, both within building environments and the oil & gas industry.

From airports to service stations, from underground pipelines to refineries, and including data centers (click to see more examples of applications), all three of the TTK sense cables for oil leak detection have proved their efficiency through our range of successful projects around the globe.


Technical Comparison Table

More information can be found in the comparison table below. Click here to view the PDF file.


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