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TTK Prevents Downtime Due to Liquid Leaks in Cryptocurrency Mines

Liquid Leak Detection Solution for Cryptocurrency Mines


Around the world, the global rise of cryptocurrency values has been driving a new segment of the Data Center industry. Experts predict that even more hyper-scale crypto mines will be constructed, especially in North America and Northern Europe.

Cryptocurrency mine, like an enterprise data centre or cloud computing facility, is a mission-critical environment, aiming towards a “24/7” zero downtime, even more when talking about the cooling requirements. How to efficiently cool the high-density mining facility to maximize the profile is a real challenge for operators. “Water-cooling” solution is one of them. Water-cooled miners have high power efficiency, but the threat of damage from any water coming into direct contact with miners is real and the consequence would be costly. The leader of the liquid leak detection market - TTK, provides a reliable water system designed using water sensing cables installed in areas where the water leak is greatest. All leak detection cables are easily connected to a monitoring panel that alerts instantly the leak and displays the location of the leak.



For example, many cryptocurrency mines use evaporative cooling walls, to condition their environment. Water is pumped and transported in a pipe to the water distributor at the top of the cooling wall. Water drips down the cooling wall and warm intake air is cooled as it passes through the evaporative pad. The cool air goes out from the other side of the wall to help control the temperature in the crypto mine. In this process, the typical areas such as pumps stations, tanks rooms, supply/return water lines and around the base (reservoir) and top (distributor) of evaporative cooling walls, need to be protected from water leaks, since these cooling walls are in close proximity to the miners – TTK recommends protecting these areas from water leaks.



TTK has a long-standing reputation for providing the best in liquid leak detection for over 20 years in worldwide large and hyper-scale data centres and cloud computing facilities.

TTK solution is ideal for cryptocurrency mines because the microcontroller embedded digital sensing cables, communicate constantly with the monitoring panel via a digital communication protocol. In the event of a leak, the digital panel receives the signal from the cable, pinpoint locates the leak on an integrated floor map on its screen, triggers an audible alarm immediately to alert the operator, and if configured, it can cut the leak source via a relay and send an alarm message to remote equipment.


TTK water leak detection system is ideal for anyone managing a cryptocurrency mine:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Plug and play solution
  • Simple installation
  • Minimum maintenance with long product life
  • Supports rapid deployment
  • Products with 10-year warranty

All ensure ROI on a world-class leak detection system for your crypto mine.

For a full range of water, acid, and fuel leak detection solutions, visit www.ttkusa.com. Or contact our highly qualified technical sales based in the USA and Europe here.


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