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TTK Project Case Study: TTK in CNN Office, UAE



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Project Background

Yas Creative Hub is Abu Dhabi’s newest hub for the media, gaming and entertainment industry. It has been purpose-built to meet the future needs of this flourishing sector. 270,000 sq.m (2.9 million sq.ft.) campus will house 16,000+ professionals by 2031, working across traditional and cutting-edge creative sectors, including Ubisoft and Unity Technologies.

CNN is one of the world’s most widely distributed news broadcasters and is basing its fourth global broadcasting hub in Abu Dhabi, on the 7th floor in the Yas Media Creative Hub.


Areas to be Monitored

Some examples of areas are being protected:

  • Live studio
  • Server rooms
  • Technical areas: UPS, CCU (Central Control Unit), TGR (Technical Gear Room), FCU (Fan Coil Units), ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches), plant rooms
  • Pantries, beverage stations, break rooms, lounges

Overhanging chiller water pipes with drip tray


Project Requirement 

The chilled water (CHW) pipes network runs through sensitive areas, such as the server room (where UPS and racks are situated), plant rooms, and just above the live studio.
The client needs a reliable digital leak detection system to detect any water leakage at an early stage, typically from chilled water pipes, inside both public working areas and reserved technical areas.


TTK’s Solution 

TTK Middle East recommended its advanced digital water leak detection system – the FG-NET panel with FG-EC addressable water sensing cables.

Sensing cables

To continuously monitor the overhanging chilled water pipes equipped its total length, of a horizontal drip tray, TTK proposed the addressable water sensing cables (FG-EC), to be installed under the pipes and inside the drip tray.
For technical rooms and equipment, sensing cables are installed to the perimeter of technical areas or equipment itself, for early detection.
To sum up, the water sensing cables’ layout in this project is: 

  • Live studio: sensing cables are installed to the perimeter of the studio and under the chilled water pipes within the drip tray at the overhanging level.
  • Server rooms and technical equipment such as UPS, CCU, TGR, FCU, ATS: sensing cables are installed to the perimeter of the room or around the equipment to be protected for efficient monitoring.
  • Pantries, beverage stations, break rooms and lounges: sensing cables are in the periphery of the pantries & below the sink/washbasin.

FG-EC - cable détecteur de fuites d'eau

TTK addressable water sensing cable FG-EC


Digital monitoring panel

All sensing cables are connected to a single FG-NET monitoring panel (located on the ground floor), on two of the three available outputs. Connected to the BMS via RS232/485 Modbus
communication protocol, the panel alerts and pinpoints alarms on the interactive maps in the case of a leak occurring.

FG-NET versatile monitoring control panel


TTK water sensing cable layout for server room
Extract of TTK digital leak detection drawing

Cable in pink - high level
Cable in blue - low level


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