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TTK Project Case Study: TTK at Qatar Metro Red Line


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Project Requirements

  • An efficient water leak detection system capable of detecting multiple simultaneous water leaks with precise location on 13 kilometers of metro tunnel chilled water pipe.
  • Cost-saving solution without compromise of technical efficiency.
  • Low smoke zero halogen featured material is required.


TTK’s Solution

  • To detect at a very early stage and locate a water leak along 13 kilometers of chilled water pipe in the metro red line tunnel, a specific zoning water detection system is studied and adopted on this project.
  • A section of 50 meter water sense cable (reference FG-ECS) is fixed on the external core of the tunnel chilled water pipe (positioned at 6 o’clock) on the aluminum cladding by a cable tie (see photo).
  • Along the chilled water pipe, an addressable module (reference FG-DCTL) is installed every 50 meters and communicates constantly with the sense cable.
  • In the event of a leak on the sense cable, the alarm is triggered on the monitoring panel at station (reference FG-NET), transferred by the addressable module via TTK Bus. Precise information, such as leak time and location, is displayed on an interactive map on the monitoring panel. Within a few seconds this is transferred to the client’s site management center.
  • In total, 280 sections of 50m length water sense cables are installed for the entire tunnel pipe. 
  • The quantity of FG-NET monitoring panels is largely reduced by using FG-BBOX – a satellite device for the FG-NET and capable of managing additional sense cables. Monitored by the FG-NET via a standard Ethernet network, the FG-BBOX has the same advanced functionalities as a FG-NET with the ability to detect multiple simultaneous leak locations. All commands and controls are centralised to the FG-NET as the FG-BBOX is not equipped with display. In total, just 5 FGNET panels and 16 FG-BBOX panels are used to monitor over 13,000 meters of water sense cables.
  • Each sense cable used in the Qatar metro red line project is made with special Low Smoke Zero Halogen material (referernce FG-ECS LSZH), and emits limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat.
  • A similar solution is to be applied on the Qatar Metro Gold Line where TTK is already technically endorsed.

The general working schematics



TTK zoning water detection system schmatics



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