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Looking to efficiently manage your multi-site water leak detection systems?

If your company have multiple sites protected by water leak detection systems and are looking for an efficient solution to manage all of them, TTK has the solution!

Take a look at the below demonstration video:

Thanks to “TTKweb2017” (what's TTKweb?)  - the premium management software recently developed by TTK in France - the user can monitor his FG-NET panels remotely any time.

For example, if a fault occurs, the intelligent system’s alarm is instantly triggered and the location of the problem is shown on the zone map displayed on TTKweb2017. From here, the user can also acknowledge an alarm, activate a relay or disconnect virtually a sense cable directly.

The below demonstration video simulates this situation.

What’s more, you can fully control and configure the panels and their associated sense cables located at your different sites around the world, all via a simple interface.

TTKweb allows you to manage your worldwide systems wherever you are!


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