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Benefits of having a SINGLE leak monitoring panel for a multi-story building

Single Leak Monitoring Panel Solution for a Multi-story Building

  • In a commercial building, which risk areas need a leak detection system?
  • How can these risks be minimized with a SINGLE leak detection system monitoring panel from TTK?
  • What are the benefits of having a SINGLE liquid leak monitoring panel?

Find out all the answers below.



Water risk areas in building application

Principal risk areas in a building needing a leak detection system:

  • IT facility Network/Server Rooms/Data Center
  • Office and archive rooms
  • Chilled/hot water supply and return pipes
  • HV/LV switch rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • Basements/Generator sets
  • Pantries and related plumbing
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) rooms
  • Batteries room
  • Service risers
  • Elevator pits

Without an efficient liquid leak detection system, a liquid leakage that goes undetected can be extremely detrimental with the potential of severe financial consequences caused by trading/work interruptions, equipment damage & loss and clean-up costs.


TTK digital liquid leak detection solutions for commercial buildings

TTK offers reliable liquid leak detection solutions with the FG-NET system: a powerful digital leak detection monitoring system, optimized for use in multi-storey building applications to help minimize liquid leak risks and prevent business downtime.

TTK's flagship FG-NET is a truly versatile monitoring panel capable of monitoring a mix of water, oil and acid leak detection sensing cables and probes, offering a comprehensive leak detection solution in multi-story building applications.


To learn more about FG-NET: the versatile monitoring panel


Tired of having multiple leak monitoring panels? It’s time to take the leap with an FG-NET.

Liquid leak detection systems consisting of multiple control panels are too often provided to users, using a concept of one master panel coupled with multiple zone modules. The zone modules supervise sensing cables connected on them, and in turn, are supervised by the master panel.

The architecture of such a system therefore becomes complex for larger space, not to mention the heavy workload during and after the installation. The calibration or mapping on each zone panel, powering and maintenance of each zone panels are required.

Furthermore, in operation, it is common to see a zone leak detection module and entire cable line being “disabled” due to multiple leaks occurring on a single detection circuit.

Thanks to the integrated digital communication brought by the TTK digital sensing cable with an embedded microcontroller, this situation never happens on a digital system.

To learn more about the benefits of a digital system compared to an analogue system, read the blog:
Smart Water Leak Sensing Cable From TTK” 

TTK smart water oil leak detection systems for your critical facilities


Benefits of having a single liquid leak monitoring panel

  • Significant cost reduction with less equipment and lower installation/maintenance costs
  • Simplicity: all detection cables types (liquid, oil, chemical) and parts are fully compatible with one single panel
  • User-friendly management: the entire system status and alarms are centralised in one place allowing quick and easy identification
  • Easy to use, commission and maintain
  • Easy extension of the system


For over 30 years, TTK has been a proven industry leader and partner. Our liquid leak detection systems provide continuous monitoring to secure and protect your assets and infrastructures. Contact our team to get more insights.

To learn more about FG-NET: the versatile monitoring panel


Alternative solution 

If you need to protect small and medium areas against liquid leaks, our range of 4 or 8 zone monitoring panels FG-ALS4/8 might be the solution for you. 

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