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Alarm units


Locating units


  • Digital, Fully Addressable
  • Monitoring Up to 7800 ft FG-OD Sense Cables
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Dynamic Leak Evolution Analysis
  • TCP/IP & MODBUS/JBUS Connection
  • Exclusive for FG-OD Sense Cable

The digital unit FG-NET-LL is designed and developed for the Oil & Gas industry on long-distance applications (“LL” significant “Long Line”), such as leak detection and location in pipelines and fuel distribution networks (airports). In addition to preceding all the benefits of the FG-NET unit, this “Long Line” version unit is capable to monitor up to 7800 ft (120 cables x 65 ft) FG-OD sense cables.

In the event of one or several leaks in contact with the sense cable, the microchip integrated into each sense cable transmits the leak information to FG-NET-LL. The unit triggers an alarm and reports to BMS. The operator can get immediately the accurate leak location, leak detected time and other detailed information from the BMS screen or directly from the panel’s screen. The remote operator can be also informed by email alerts.

The unique feature “Dynamic Leak Evolution Analysis” consists of analyzing the magnitude of a leak and its evolution in time through the alarm logs. The number and sequence of addressable sections which report a leak, together with their timestamp, allow the operator to monitor the leak’s progression in time.

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