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Liquid Leak Detection Management Software

Liquid Leak Detection Management Software



What’s TTKweb?

TTKweb’ is a premium management software for TTK liquid leak detection systems. It is developed specifically for TTK FG-NET digital unit and its satellite devices: daughter panel FG-BBOX and external relay box FG-RELAYS.

This software performs two main functions:

  • It is capable of managing multiple panels located on different sites. It can view the status of all panels and their sense cables continuously. In case of fault, the alarm is instantly pin-pointed on the zone map displayed on TTKweb. The user can acknowledge an alarm, activate a relay or disconnect a sense cable directly on TTKweb.
  • TTKweb includes the smart tools to configure the system. The user can build the arborescence of the installation; edit the zone maps and create detection zones. No additional drawing software is necessary. These maps can be updated as many time as wished, following to the evolution of the site.

A valid license code is required to use TTKweb software.

Pass the cursor on the below TTKweb wheel to view videos and learn more.

To download TTKweb software and documents, please see the bottom of the page. 

Continous Supervision 24/7 Continous Supervision 24/7

TTKweb provides non-stop protection for your sites.

Multi-site Management Multi-site Management

TTKweb is capable of monitoring and controlling multiple panels located in different sites.


Instant Alarm Display & Dynamic Map Display Instant Alarm Display & Dynamic Map Display

The alarm is displayed on your PC via the TTKweb interface simultaneously with it being displayed on the FG-NET panel.

Dynamic map with Zoom-in function pin-pointing the default location.


Built-in Smart Editing Tools Built-in Smart Editing Tools

TTKweb includes smart tools allowing configuration of the system by the building installation tree, editing maps and creating detection zones for each sense cable.

TTKweb tutorial: Smart Built-in Editing Tools – Step 1: Create Zones

TTKweb tutorial: Smart Built-in Editing Tools – Step 2: Define Zones


TTKweb tutorial: Smart Built-in Editing Tools – Step 3: Associate Cables to Zones and Draw Cables on the Dynamic Maps

Secured Access Secured Access

3-level users with pass-code ensure maximum security


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